Bachelor of Business Information Technology

About Course

This programme has been developed with the intention of producing graduates well-versed in the principles of design, measurement and analysis applied in the context of the development of software-based systems. It also provides a deep understanding of the underpinning computing and information systems foundation knowledge, show casing the importance of software and technology in the digital economy. It also be exposes the learner to the state –of –the art tools, methodologies and research that will shape and transform the computing and IT in discovering the next decade

The program includes a strong foundation in the related discipline of computer science, but with emphasis on subjects relating to software requirements of gathering, design, and implementation and testing. Students are trained not only in the technical areas of specialization but also in Personal Development, Communication Skills and Entrepreneurship.

Programme Objectives

The Bachelor of Business Information Technology degree programme aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To develop a coherent and broad-based coverage of business information systems and the underlying technology to implement these systems
  2. To enhance confidence and the ability to critically evaluate business information requirements and develop solutions from both moral, professional and academic perspectives
  • To prepare the candidates to apply the principles learnt in the performance of their duties
  1. To prepare the candidates for progression to higher levels of study in their fields of specialization.


Programme Learning Outcomes

By the end of the programme a student should be able to:

  1. i) Explain appropriate Information technology methodologies to help an organization achieve its goals and objectives;
  2. ii) Evaluate and communicate the likely utility of new technologies in Information technology to an organization;
  • iii) Contribute to the scientific, mathematical and theoretical foundations on which Information technology is built;

Entry requirements

A)  Direct Entry

Candidates must meet the Minimum University general admission criteria and must have passed the K.C.S.E., or equivalent examination with the following minimum grades to be considered:

  1. i) Mathematics C plain and
  2. ii) English C plain

B)  Entry via University Bridging

Students who meet minimum entry requirement but are deficient in the subject grades indicated in a) above can be allowed to join the course provided they produce a bridging course certificate from a recognized institution for the deficient area.

C)   Entry via Diploma

Holders of a Diploma in Information Technology or Diploma in Computer Engineering and Technology or Diploma in Computer Science or equivalent qualification from institutions recognized by the University Senate will join the programme at year one semester one.



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