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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to the Masomo Portal?

Login to the Masomo Portal using the student registration credentials, by default Registration Number in small letters is the Username and the Registration Number in Capital letters is the Password. Click here to access Masomo Portal 


Username: be200/0001/2000
Password: BE200/0001/2000

Click here to access students Masomo portal manual.

I don’t understand well how to go about online/virtual learning.

Find more information about access to the Masomo  MASOMO-PORTAL-STUDENT-MANUAL.pdf (mut.ac.ke). If you still have challenges write to odel@mut.ac.ke for assistance with Moodle and LMS related queries

How can I contact LMS/ODEL office?

You can contact the Open Distance & ELearning (ODEL) via odel@mut.ac.ke or through ticketing system ICT Help desk for assistance with Masomo portal and virtual learning related queries.

I have issues with my student email account, how can I get help?

Kindly write to the ICT support through the ICT Help Desk  for Student email related Queries.

I am logged in to the LMS but I cannot see any unit’s reflection.

For you to be able to see units on the LMS, you must first register the units on the student portal 

For those who haven’t fully paid the school fees, kindly ask your Lecturer to provide Enrollment Key for you to access the specific unit

I forgot my Masomo portal password.

Click on the Reset password button, provide your correct registration number to reset your password.

I cannot see any learning materials in the system.

All the learning materials are uploaded in the Masomo Portal by the lecturers. Incase no material is available online, kindly contact that specific lecturer.

I missed an online Assessment/CAT.

In case you missed any CAT/Assessment by any chance, you should lias with your lecturer with a genuine reason why you missed then a makeup will be reset for you!

How do I login to a virtual class using KENET web conference?

 A link will be shared to you by your lecturer with a login password in it. Click on the link, then provide your student’s official names/ student’s registration number and the password already provided to login.

Are there physical classes to attend?

There are no physical classes. Everything is conducted online. However, there are times where the lecturer may want to have a face-to-face session or the course unit requires a presentation to be made and thus requires you to be in the agreed venue physically.

How do I interact with my Lecturers?

You can interact with your lecturers on the Masomo e-learning platform and off the platform. On the platform you can use the Discussion forums, Chat sessions and Messaging (You will be taught how to use these during your orientation). Away from the platform, you can use email, texts or phone calls.

How do students access e-resources?

Upon becoming a student, the students is allowed access to the university library at any of the campuses as well as links to the various online journals the university has subscribed to. Additionally, after each topic, your lecturer provides a list of resources that pertain to the topic content some of which are downloadable articles.