Bachelor of Commerce

About the Programme

This programme is intended to provide learners with more specific knowledge and skills in business related functions and activities. In addition, the programme is good for those intending to specialize and become experts/consultants in Accounting, Finance and Marketing.

Goal of the Programme

The goal of Bachelor of Commerce programme is to provide learners with logical, analytical and critical thinking skills that would empower them to positively and actively participate in the world of business. Learners should have good communication skills in business, for purposes of presentation and report writing. The programme also provides learners with a foundation that aims at preparing learners for higher managerial courses for those intending to pursue professional careers in business studies.

Programme Learning Outcomes

By the end of this programme, the learner should be able to:

  • Implement learned Commercial skills to become key advisor at workplace
  • Utilize analytical and critical Commercial skills to advise authorities on prudent
  • Apply best business practices and effectively communicate them to the stakeholders
  • Innovate new business ideas and initiate new business models

Admission requirements for the programme

Eligible applicants in the Bachelor of Commerce Programme shall meet the following qualifications:

Holders of K.C.S.E certificate grade C+ or its equivalent, holders K.A.C.E certificates with a
minimum of two principal or its equivalent, holders of a 3 year relevant diploma from an
accredited institution which is recognized by the Muranga University of Technology senate
and CUE or its equivalent or holders of an advanced relevant diploma from an accredited
institution recognized by the University senate and CUE or its equivalent.

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